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Low dose, high performance natural phytostimulant
A next generation biostimulant

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Bacteria and Fungi
Better Strains
Better Knowledge
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Nano Particle

Very, very small particle sized liquid solutions to nutrition. Blended with biologicals and biostimulants in unique formulations

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MAX Phosphite

Highest concentration potassium phosphonate to improve performance per litre and reduce costs

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About Us

How we can help supercharge your crops
Patented Unique Effective Natural Technology

We are the result of 25 years of testing and discovering novel solutions to agricultural problems from around the world. 

We are dedicated to helping to maximise yields by minimising losses. ​ 

We are a natural-products company that specialises in effective biologicals, bio-effectors and THE best nutrients available. ​ 

We are a 'direct to farmer' organisation, minimising end-user costs, and helping to guide and educate, where necessary. We prefer to be at the sharp-end of agriculture to ensure our products are effectively implemented to maximise their effects. ​ 

We are here to help you.

  • Organic phytostimulants to reduce abiotic plant stress

  • Bacterial and fungal products using unique strains that are highly concentrated and have increased efficacy

  • Fertilisers micronised to very fine particle sizes, allows us to put more in the bottle. More performance. More blends.

  • Very high concentration phosphite that pack a bigger punch per litre. Higher concentrations = more cost-effective.

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