19th July 2017


Highly Concentrated. Highly Cost-Effective.

Highest concentration of phosphite available helps to provide effective support when Downy Mildew and Phytophthora diseases are present on a wide range of crops 

Formulated from a non-toxic potassium phosphite base, we use our extensive manufacturing knowledge to push the concentration of active phosphite up beyond other products available in Europe. We sell a highly concentrated phosphite product, FORTIFOS 600, containing just over 600g/Litre of active compound, significantly more than the competition. This increases the efficacy and reduces the unit cost. 

Systemic action provides complete translocation throughout the plant ensuring effective movement to all parts of the plant 

Can be applied with a wide range of other agricultural chemicals, reducing the number of spray applications needed 

Clear liquid formulation makes it easy to decant into spray equipment and mixing tanks 

High concentration reduces quantity of product needed and saves on packaging and freight costs, so you save on the cost of product and maximise you return on investment.