18th July 2017

Our Technologies

Patented Unique Technologies

We are an agricultural products company that utilises patented technology to improve crops. Using the best source material combined with the following: 


Biological stimulants, think ‘next-generation biostimulants’: natural, organic, powerful, patented, unique.


We have scoured the planet to find the most effective bacterial and fungal partners for your plants.

We have both soil and foliar application products to boost health and yield.  Pharm Fertiliser also utilise a unique ‘process bioengineering‘ to improve the efficacy of biological products. This is where we turn the effectivity of the micro-organisms up to the MAX by selected treatments in the fermentation stages.

The BioAmped products are live, not spores, and are ‘activated’ to increase efficacy on application. 


Only the best will do. Highest concentration for maximum effect and minimal MRL’s.

Special Nano-Particle Fertilisers:

We use unique premium grade ingredients formulated in unique ways to produce novel products to provide solutions to modern agricultural problems. We did say ‘unique’, didn’t we?

The use of nano-particle sized formulations gives us the ability to blend at previously impossible levels, and to co-formulate with biostimulants and biologicals.

We specialise in removing the barriers to maximal crop yields with targeted applications to reduce your production costs.