19th July 2017

Nano-Particle Technology

Pharmaceutical Approach to Fertiliser Manufacture

Spending millions on new machinery and staff has enabled the group to manufacture products that are higher in concentration and efficacy than the competition. We manufacture nutrients in solution to nano-particle sizes, ensuring they are immediately active once applied to your crops.

The use of smaller particle sizes increases the concentration of the solution. This focus on our processing of micronutrients in solution gives us a competitive edge with lower application rates, and also the ability to co-formulate with novel compounds to deliver a world-beating product range, with unique formulations and long shelf-life.

We have the ability to co-formulate micronutrients with:

‘Show me the Money’

ROI (Return On Investment) is key to all product performance. Maximization of opportunities is essential and only the highest quality inputs can achieve the highest quality outcomes, making them more cost-effective.

We have a vast range of Specialty Liquid Fertilisers, Plant Health Formulas and Adjuvants that have re-enforced our reputation as the supplier of choice for astute growers domestically and internationally.

Quality Fertilisation

Regulatory standards for fertilisers are amongst the least rigorous of any input in the farming world, where farmers are experiencing an ever-increasing demand for high quality produce. The continued desire to enhance our knowledge base and offerings through highly innovative products makes Pharm Fertilisers the ideal partner for growers looking to stay ahead of the pack

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