18th July 2017


Nutrients + Biologicals + Phosphites = the perfect healthy start for your plants


A blend of plant phenolics, surfactants and quaternary ammonium compounds to use as a sterilant. Plant safe.

Designed to kill 99% of all fungi, bacteria and viruses. Particularly good for slime moulds and water-based systems.

Can be used to wash plants post-harvest, as well as machinery, tables, boxes and other general equipment.



A unique blended starter fertiliser.

Germinating plants develop larger, more vigorous root systems through a unique combination of plant hormones and NPK. Suitable for various applications to manage the first six – eight weeks of growth 

6.2% Nitrogen  18.4% Phosphorous (P2O5)  3.0% Potassium (K2O)   0.98% Sulphur + Trace Elements + Phosphites

BioStart PHOS