18th July 2017


Just what the plants need, when they need it, in a form that works. Problem specific nutrition

7% Nitrogen : 34% Total Amino Acids

Organic nitrogen derived predominantly from protein hydrolysis of plant material, free of nitrate form long and short term effective uptake and utilisation in crops and turf grass.

14% Calcium 3% Magnesium 3% Zinc 3% Nitrogen 0.1% Boron

Nano-Particle nutrition that improves fruit set. Premixed in carefully controlled ratios so the crop receives the essential nutrients specific to its growth stage of Pre-Bud 

  • Safe to use formulation that can be used during flowering 
  • Calcium is required for synthesis of cells in the growing pollen tube and determines direction of growth of the pollen tube; it also plays a fundamental role in plant adaptation to environmental stress 
  • Added magnesium to improve chlorophyll production, especially in new leaf 
  • Provides essential zinc that improves pollination as well as levels of growth hormones 
  • Boron assists pollen tube development as well as the whole pollination process and enhances calcium absorption 

8.4% Boron 3.4% Nitrogen

High analysis formulation for rapid correction of boron deficiency in horticultural and broadacre crops 

  • Strategic applications of boron provide excellent fruit set by ensuring pollination occurs 
  • Contains added nitrogen to assist plant uptake of boron 
  • Free flowing formulation makes it easy to decant into spray equipment, mixing tanks and irrigation 

9.1% Silicon  5.7% Calcium  4.9% Potassium (K2O) 3.4% Sulphur  1.8% Nitrogen

Concentrated calcium, silica, sulphur and potassium suspension to increase plant tolerance to salinity, improve shelf life and quality of fruit and vegetables and enhance disease and pest resistance 

  • Moderates plant response to salinity and high levels of sodium chloride in the soil 
  • Reduces plant water demand in dry soils whilst increasing yield 
  • Enhances shelf life and quality of fruit and grain through stronger cell structures and enhanced disease resistance 

A modified vegetable oil sticker and spreader. Totally safe, sure way of sticking, bonding, protecting and spreading agricultural sprays into and onto the target by encapsulating the pesticide

  • This new technology enables you to guide your sprays into the crop with accuracy and precision through reduced driftand evaporation
  • Contains emulsifiable vegetable oil concentrates

SupaStik RM

5% Zinc  5.3% Boron  0.23% Molybdenum

Concentrated zinc, boron and molybdenum suspension for maintenance or correction of deficiencies 

Liquid Kelp Extract  3.5% Zinc  2.4% Molybdenum

Natural kelp extract of auxins and cytokinins fortified EDTA chelated zinc and molybdenum for accelerating root development and improving plant health 

  • Promotes larger and more vigorous root systems which lead to greater plant growth 
  • The zinc in Booster also helps to promote the production of growth hormones (auxins) and thus acts synergistically with the seaweed extract 
  • Chelated zinc source means that all the zinc is plant available and does not get locked up in the soil 
  • Ideal for stimulating early growth in all crops 
  • As soil calcium can only be taken up by new root tips, Booster ZnMo – driven new root growth facilitates uptake of calcium 
  • Natural plant hormones encourage strong cell development, slow senescence and help crops recover from stress situations