19th July 2017

Zenith BioEffector

A New Dawn in Biostimulants

Bioeffector (dictionary definition) – Bioeffectors have a direct or indirect effect on plant performance by influencing the functional implementation or activation of biological mechanisms, particularly those interfering with soil-plant-microbe interactions. In contrast to conventional fertilizers and pesticides, the effectiveness of bioeffectors is not based on a substantial direct input of mineral plant nutrients, either in inorganic or organic forms.



Zenith binds to cellular receptors that triggers a positive cascade response within the plant (PAMP and DAMP receptors). Presence of the active compounds at cellular level triggers the production of more, affecting gene expression, transcription and production of enzymes, stress-related pathways, photosynthetic pathways and energy production. All from around 1g of active per hectare.

Zenith is a naturally derived material, organically registered, and able to accelerate growth, mitigate stresses and improve yields of all agronomic crops. It has been formed by natural-source extraction and fractional separation to produce a product that enables the farmer to steer the growth of the crop in a way that, until now, has been impossible.

Low dose, ease of mixing and a wide range of applications signal a shift in technology to a more cost-effective position for biostimulants.

Seed Treatment
  • Faster germination
  • Improved seedling development
  • Stronger roots

Soil & Foliar Treatment
  • Plants grow faster
  • Less susceptible to biotic and abiotic stress
  • Increases nutrient mobilisation and uptake
  • Turns on photosynthesis and increases chlorophyll density
  • Improves sugar production
  • Increases yields

New Technology

Agriculture is moving on from the first generation of biostimulants, dominated by seaweed extracts and humic acids, to the next generation. A new wave.

Zenith is unique and at the forefront of this new shift to novel bioeffectors, active at incredibly low rates. It is specific in its action triggering photosynthetic and growth responses on a cellular level.

By fractionally selecting the naturally phytoactive compounds, Zenith takes biostimulation to the next level, being able to be used on more crops, and is easy to integrate in irrigation or spray programs.

Easy to Use

Zenith is an easy to use liquid, suitable for tank mixing with fertilisers and plant protection products for organic and conventional farming. It can be applied by foliar sprays or through drip, tape or sprinkler irrigation. 

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